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Prices are generally £30-40 for the first hour, depending on the distance from our base in the ST6 area, and £10 per half hour after that, but we will give a fixed price for each item we assemble. If it takes longer, you will only be charged the quoted amount. All the packaging can be taken and disposed of for a small fee, but if this is a service you are after, please discuss it before the job.

We're not limited to Stoke-on-Trent; we also service Staffordshire and Cheshire. However, we must charge a little more for the first-hour call-out due to time and diesel costs. A general idea of cost is as follows:
Stoke-on-Trent: £30-£40 for first hour we are ST6 based], £10 per half hour after that
Alsager and Congleton: £35 for the first hour, £10 per half hour after that
Crewe, Nantwich, Sandbach, Stone: £45 for the first hour, £10 per half hour after that
Stafford, Macclesfield: £55 for the first hour, £10 per half hour after that

We service other places in the vicinity, but that gives an idea of price. We are based in ST6, Stoke-on-Trent.

When asking for a quote, it does help to give as much information about the items to be built as possible (if it's been bought online, a link to the item always helps). If wardrobes are being built, it will help to know if any additional items like shelving, lights, shoe racks or drawers need to be assembled and installed – and also if it's, say, a six-foot extended sliding door wardrobe with two doors, or a double wardrobe with hinged doors. For beds, it does help to know exactly what kind – bunk, ottoman, guest bed; what size; whether it's made of wood or metal.

Here are some approximate timings to give a rough guide of the amount we charge:

Simple Two-Door Wardrobe: One-Hour
Large Sliding Door Wardrobe: Two and a Half to Three Hours
Large Ikea sliding door wardrobe system with two 100cm Pax wardrobes: Three and a Half Hours (faster if there's enough room to build both wardrobes together) 
Four/Five Drawer Chest of Drawers: One to One and a Half Hours
Bunk Bed: One and a Half Hours
Wooden Double/King Size Bed: One Hour
Bedside Cabinet with Two Drawers: 45 Minutes
Nursery Cot: Half an Hour

The minimum charge is one hour, then in half-hour increments after.

All these timings are based on having ample room to build the items. If we need to clear an area, this will incur an additional cost, also if we have to build a wardrobe standing up because there's not enough space on the floor, so it would help to let us know if there is room when you ask for a quote.

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